Shawnna Bolick

My Record

Stood up for Election Integrity

Signed every official letter calling for an election audit

Signed every official letter calling for an election audit necessary to help uncover any potential fraud in the 2020 election and weaknesses in our election process for the purpose of protecting the integrity of our elections and restoring voters’ confidence.

Sponsored or co-sponsored 20+ bills to protect or increase election integrity in Arizona.

Sponsored or co-sponsored 20+ bills to protect or increase election integrity in Arizona. The bills dealt with the full spectrum of election issues from registration, changing of election rules, early balloting, and more.

Protecting Consumers

Closed the loophole on funeral director fraud.

When Bolick learned some funeral directors were scamming grieving loved ones by taking over the deceased’s estate and charging the family exorbitant burial fees, she introduced HB 2249 banning the practice. It was signed into law by Governor Ducey in March 2020.

Increased transparency in motor vehicle sales.

Arizona car buyers are often caught off guard by document fees not advertised in the price of the vehicle but revealed after the fact. Bolick introduced a bill to require that dealers disclose these fees in any advertising as part of the cost of the vehicle, increasing transparency for consumers. HB 2721 was signed into law by Governor Ducey in April 2021

Led on timeshare reform.

Many Arizona timeshare owners are stuck paying fees on a timeshare they no longer need or want, with death often being their only way to get out of a contract, or their children being left to deal with ongoing costs. Bolick introduced a bill to allow timeshare buyers a 14 day period from first use (instead of the current 7 day period) to opt-out of their contract and receive a 90% refund. HB 2639 was passed almost unanimously and signed into law by Governor Ducey in May 2019.

Regulatory Relief

Changed regulation that interfered with saving pets after owners’ death.

State law considered pets personal property, keeping families from accessing a loved ones’ pets after their passing for up to 15 days. Bolick worked with state officials to introduce a bill permitting landlords to remove pets from a property a day after death or incapacitation and release that pet to a loved one or shelter. Governor Ducey signed HB 2507 into law in April 2021.

Defending Victims’ Rights

Sponsored bill allowing victims of trafficking to take civil action against perpetrators.

Bolick and Arizona AG Brnovich worked together on a bill, introduced by Bolick, to give victims of human and sex trafficking the right to take civil action and address the host of related physical and mental damages that occur as a result of being trafficked. Previously they were only permitted to take criminal action. HB 2116 received unanimous support and was signed by Governor Ducey in March 2021.

Led on bill protecting Arizonans from “doxing.”

Led on bill protecting Arizonans from “doxing.” Online posting of harassment or personally identifying information to encourage harassment has plagued a number of Arizona citizens. After hearing numerous stories of women who were ‘doxed’ by an abusive ex, and living in fear for their safety, Bolick introduced a bill prohibiting doxing and giving victims recourse in court. HB 2502 received bipartisan support and was signed by Governor Ducey in April 2021.

Secured funding for anti-trafficking grants.

Bolick introduced and passed a bill offering a grant to anti-trafficking organizations who bring to the table a proven track record and effective solutions for combating trafficking in Arizona.

Protecting the Second amendment

Protecting Concealed carry rights

Co-sponsored HB2693 and supported HB2840. These bills sought to protect concealed carry rights from being infringed when the carrier is on the property of public higher education institutions. Unfortunately, both bills failed.


Voted for HB2551. Protecting concealed carry rights from being infringed when the carrier is in public establishments or event spaces — a huge step forward in protecting our Second Amendment rights. Unfortunately, the bill failed.


During a public health emergency, our Second Amendment rights should not be infringed upon. Bolick supported SB1382 which prohibits government officials from using emergency powers to regulate the normal operations of a store that sells firearms and ammunition. This bill was signed into law by Governor Ducey in May 2021.

Securing a pro-life future


Shawnna co-sponsored SB1164, Arizona’s bill limiting abortions after 15 weeks and protecting the preborn child and the life of the mother. This bill was signed into law by Governor Ducey in March 2022. 


Shawnna supported SB1254, a bill that required the Arizona Department of Health Services to promote adoptions in Arizona on their website and created a taskforce to promote and make observations on the adoption process for future legislators and health care systems to use. This bill was signed into law by Governor Ducey in April 2021.


SB1457 limits abortions on the basis of genetic abnormalities like Down Syndrome. Shawnna voted yes on SB1457 because she believes all life should be protected by the law regardless of a person’s physical or intellectual disabilities. This bill was signed into law by Governor Ducey in April 2021.

Leading on Education

Her entire career, Shawnna Bolick has been a leader on education options for students and families. As chair of the House Ways and Means committee, she was instrumental in hearing and moving bills that would have failed without her leadership.

Supported transportation programs to help families reach their school options.

Arizona leads the nation in school options. But often, those students who need it most aren’t able to actually get to the school that best meets their needs. SB 1280 would have created programs to ensure children who need it can be transported to their school choice and other academic activities. Bolick was a strong supporter of the bill. Unfortunately, it failed to pass.

Fought to remove barriers to open enrollment.

Bolick sponsored HB 2427, a bill that would have simplified the process the process for a parent to enroll their child in a public school, empowered the State Board of Education to uncomplicate the open-enrollment process, expanded the window for enrollment, and made it easier for parents to identify available seats, among other fixes. While the bill was unsuccessful, Bolick will encourage its re-introduction in future sessions and work with stakeholders to garner additional support.

Improving practices in funding for special education.

Too often, Arizona’s students with special needs are left behind or without proper resources for a successful education. Proper transparency and accountability in the use of education funding is vital to protecting taxpayer investments. Bolick introduced a bill establishing a study committee to examine and make recommendations on the funding formula related to Arizona’s special needs and gifted students. HB 2670 was passed with almost unanimous support and signed into law by Governor Ducey in June 2019.

Strengthened civics education.

Instilling in our students an understanding of the foundations and inner workings of our country and government are key to preserving our free republic. Bolick introduced and established with bipartisan support the Sandra Day O’Connor Civics Celebration Day with civics learning as part of the celebration requirements. It was signed into law by Governor Ducey in March 2020.

Voted to stop funding for Critical Race Theory.

As dangerous and divisive Critical Race Theory begins sneaking its way into kids’ classrooms, Bolick supported a bill to ban funding for the curriculum and penalize districts who use it. The bill passed and was signed.

Supported education options for more students.

Every child should have the opportunity to access the education option that is best suited to their unique needs and giftings. Bolick voted in favor of SB1452, which would have extended eligibility for ESA’s to all low-income students receiving Title I services or free or reduced-price lunches. Sadly, the bill did not pass.

Led on protecting parents’ rights in sex education.

Bolick sponsored and supported several bills requiring more transparency from school districts on sexual education curricula, giving parents tools for review, and prohibiting sex-ed in the earliest grades. HB 2035 passed and was signed by Governor Ducey.

Offer Empowerment Scholarship Accounts to victims

Offer Empowerment Scholarship Accounts to victims of bullying and abuse in their current school. Bolick led on a bill that would have ensured children who had suffered bullying and abuse in their current school environment could have access to a new school environment away from the perpetrators and traumatic memories. Sadly, the bill did not pass.

Key Bills

  • Increasing input and transparency in the online voter registration system. (HB 2360); Passed, vetoed by Governor Ducey.
  • Common-sense voter registration updates. (HB 2358)
  • Securing electronic voting machines. (HB 2359), Passed, signed by Governor Ducey.
  • Reforms of bond election processes, including strengthening ID requirements for individuals making statements on behalf of school district override, initiative, and bond elections (HB 2364; Passed, signed by Governor Ducey), and changing requirements for pamphlet submittals (HB 2431; Passed, signed by Governor Ducey).
  • Prohibiting the state from receiving private money to fund its elections. (HB 2569); Passed, signed by Governor Ducey.
  • Reining in the abuse of “emergency voting centers” by setting out strict criteria for their establishment and use; additionally, prohibiting photographing of voters and their ballots, and establishing statute as prevailing over instruction manuals in the event of a conflict. (HB 2722); Did not pass.
  • Requiring an early ballot to be requested explicitly by the voter for that election before an early ballot may be mailed. (HB 2905); Passed, signed by Governor Ducey.
  • Prevents individuals from being automatically registered to vote. (HB 2793)
  • Stopping last-minute changes to election dates and deadlines outlined in statute. (HB 2794); Passed, signed by Governor Ducey.
  • Statement of support for the Electoral College and explicit opposition to efforts to eliminate it. (HCR 2021); Did not pass
  • Statement of opposition to the federal government infringing in Arizona’s elections. (HCR 2023); Passed