Creating an office that works for Arizonans.

Securing our elections

Arizonans should be able to trust that their elections are conducted with integrity and transparency. But today, 51% of voters believe cheating affected the results of the 2020 election. The rules should be consistent and predictable – not changing at the last minute to fit partisan agendas. The office of Secretary of State should clearly communicate rules, expectations, and results with voters. Bolick led on election integrity as a State Representative, listening to and acting on voter concerns, and educating herself on cyber security and election procedures in other states. She began sounding alarms about election integrity in 2018 and believes many of the problems of the 2020 election could have been addressed in 2018. She believes leadership is needed statewide to prioritize the security of Arizona’s elections. Restoring trust in elections will be her priority goal as Secretary of State.

De-politicizing the office

The office of Secretary of State should be neutral and the Secretary of State should check his or her political agenda at the door. But our current and past Secretaries of State have used the office as a political platform often at the expense of doing the jobs they were elected to do. The job description is to administer the papers and affairs of the state, work with Arizona businesses, and manage and certify elections. The Secretary of State is also next in line to govern the state. Bolick is tired of watching Arizonans suffer while elected officials abuse their role and undermine trust in one of our highest offices. Arizonans can trust that she will check her politics – but not her principles – at the door, and get to work for the people of Arizona.

Serving AZ businesses

Running a business is hard. But small business owners are the backbone of Arizona’s economy. It should be simpler and more straightforward to start and conduct a business in our state. Unfortunately, the current Secretary of State has not provided the responsiveness that businesses need and has shuttered the office for the past year. Bolick knows firsthand from local business owners that businesses are having a hard time filing the necessary required forms with the current Secretary’s office and many would not have been able to comply in a timely manner if they didn’t personally know a staffer somewhere in that office. We need to ensure this office is business friendly.  The future of our state depends on it if we wish to remain competitive. The Secretary of State’s office should facilitate that by providing clear requirements, simplifying compliance, and making it easy to interact with the office of Secretary of State. In addition, through technology and rethinking processes, Bolick will prepare the office to function more effectively for a new generation of Arizonans and businesses.