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AZ Christian Patriots

Ben Toma

AZ State Representative of LD 22

“Shawnna is a proven ally to the conservative cause in the State House of Representatives. And while it will be difficult to lose her to the office of Secretary of State, there is no better candidate for this important position. Shawnna and I passed sweeping tax cuts, fought for balanced budgets and fiscal conservatism. Together we made Arizona a better place to raise a family, start a business, and find meaningful work. Having someone with her talents as the next Secretary of State will serve Arizona well.”

Frank Carroll

AZ State Representative of LD 22

“Shawnna and I entered the Arizona House of Representatives at the same time. Since then, we have defended original American values in the legislature. We defended our forefathers’ constitutional vision for government, true freedoms, human life, and financial prudence in Arizona. I have great pride in our state and am joyed to see Shawnna lead it. Her passion for election integrity and transparent, small, effective government has well-conditioned her to be our next Secretary of State.”

Jacqueline Parker

AZ State Representative of LD 16

“Shawnna understands what is at stake in Arizona and what needs to be done here to fix it. Together, we have fought for staunchly conservative values in the AZ House of Representatives this term. Shawnna and I support a government that serves Arizona’s businesses, that protects our freedoms, and gives Arizona’s parents meaningful education options for their families.”

John M. Fillmore

AZ State Representative of LD 16

“I have seen Shawnna Bolick fight for Arizonan’s rights and represent the true conservative cause for many years now. It has been an honor working beside someone who is dedicated to American values, small government, and sensible, open education choices. Shawnna has put solid principles first, and I trust her to keep our elections secure, keep government reigned in, and ensure Arizona is a great place to work and raise a family.”

Justin Wilmeth

AZ State Representative of LD 15

“Here’s what Arizona gets by voting for Shawnna Bolick to be our next Secretary of State – a principled, knowledgeable and dedicated servant who will take the job seriously. I know her well and trust her implicitly. She will stand up for Arizonans and prevent their voices from being silenced and manipulated. This office plays a vital role for our state – it ensures our elections are safe, secure and trusted. She will repair the process and remove the doubts surrounding the results. I fully endorse Shawnna Bolick to be Arizona’s next Secretary of State.”

Kevin Payne

AZ State Representative of LD 21

“Shawnna Bolick is a representative worth praising. We have served together as conservative Representatives this term and stood side-by-side defending Arizonan values and your freedoms. Working beside Bolick for your constitutional rights, balanced budgets, low taxes, and safe neighborhoods has made Arizona stronger. I know that as our next Secretary of State, she will get the job done well.”

Nancy Barto

AZ State Senator of LD 15

“We are at a pivotal crossroads, fighting battles at every front – battles for our children, for our basic medical freedoms, for our speech, for our safety, and for our livelihoods. Without a vote, without elections we can trust, we don’t even have the weapons to enter the battle. Election integrity starts at the top with leaders who put what’s right above their own agendas. Our current leaders, beginning with Secretary of State Hobbs, have undermined every effort to ensure election integrity. But in 2022, we have the choice of new leadership. My good friend Representative Shawnna Bolick stands head and shoulders above the field because of her unique conservative credentials and extensive history of service that have prepared her to be an agency leader in this role. Her conservative record and deep knowledge of policy and election issues are unmatched. Rep. Bolick was investigating weaknesses in our elections long before 2020 and listening to voters on the front lines and this past session, she refused to play politics with such a sacred issue, supporting every election integrity measure to come before her and even introducing her own bold bills. She remains unfazed by the battering she has taken from the left and I’m inspired by her resolve to bring this fighting spirit to the Secretary of State’s office. She is ready to make it the professional office it should have always been. I am proud to endorse her as our next Secretary of State and trust she has the character and track record to secure our elections and, as the top elections officer in the state, make sure we never face another 2020 again.”

Quang Nguyen

AZ State Representative of LD 1

“If the 2020 election has taught us anything, it is the value of leaders who put integrity and principle over political agendas. I have had the privilege of working with Shawnna Bolick in the State House and know first-hand her commitment to our shared priorities of freedom, accountability, and integrity. Our next Secretary of State must de-politicize the office, execute Arizona’s elections with the highest level of transparency and integrity, and serve the people of Arizona with excellence and efficiency. It is my honor to endorse Shawnna Bolick for Secretary of State.”

Regina cobb

AZ State Representative of LD 5

“Rep. Shawnna Bolick understands that there is more to Arizona than Maricopa County, and throughout her career she’s voted with us in mind. No matter where we live, Shawnna fights for us. She brings determination, honesty, and transparency to her work. On the Ways and Means committee, I was an eyewitness to her work ethic and conservative principles. She protected Arizonans. Shawnna prevented all tax increases and led the charge for election integrity. Shawnna is one of Arizona’s finest conservatives and I’m proud to endorse her as our best candidate for Secretary of State.”

rick gray

AZ State Senate Majority Leader

“Voters can depend on Shawnna Bolick because of her conservative track record, expertise in election integrity, and upstanding, principled leadership to lead our state as our next chief election official. Shawnna is a proven leader and Arizona’s clear choice for Secretary of State. That is why I fully endorse her and ask that you endorse her, too, with your vote.”

Steve Kaiser

AZ State Representative of LD 15

“I have had the opportunity to work beside Shawnna in the House of Representatives, fighting for Arizona’s families and defending our freedoms with integrity. She is a tenacious fighter for conservative values and has the experience and expertise to get the job done well. As someone who calls Arizona home, fought overseas, and then built a business here, I am proud that we in Arizona have Representatives like Shawnna standing up for Arizona values and our great state.”

tim dunn

AZ State Representative of LD 13

“Shawnna has been one of the strongest advocates for rural Arizona in the legislature. She understands that Arizona is not just Maricopa County, and that every voice in the state deserves to be heard. Through her work on the Ways and Means committee, killing tax increase bills to fighting tooth and nail for election integrity, she is a tenacious, hardworking Representative. That is why I give Shawnna Bolick my endorsement to be Arizona’s next Secretary of State. Join me and ensuring honesty and efficiency is brought back to that office by voting Shawnna Bolick for Secretary of State.”

Walt Blackman

AZ State Representative of LD 6

“We’ve had enough. Enough of officials politicizing our offices and manipulating our elections for their political gain. Enough of government abuse of power, inefficiency, and malfeasance. That is why I am proud to endorse my good friend, Representative Shawnna Bolick, for Arizona’s next Secretary of State. Shawnna and I have served together in the legislature, joining as Freshmen in 2018 and being named Freshmen of the Year together. I trust her without doubt to execute the office with integrity and make it work for ALL Arizonans once again.”

Barry Goldwater Jr.
Former U.S. Congressman

Alex Kolodin
Trump 2020 Election Integrity Attorney

Pamela Gorman
Former AZ State Senator of LD 6

Kevin Hartke
Chandler Mayor

Jack Hastings
Surprise City Councilman

Jim Waring
Phoenix City Councilman

Sal Diciccio
Phoenix City Councilman

Eddie Cooke
Maricopa County Assessor

Donna Tanzi
Former Yavapai County GOP Chairwoman

Brandon Judd
President of the National Border Patrol Council

John D. Rhodes
Former Graham County GOP Chairman

Seth Leibsohn
Radio Host, The Patriot, 960AM KNST

Jared L. Taylor
Former Member of the AZ State Board of Education

Frank Straka
West-MEC District 7 Representative

Dennette Dunn
Peoria City Councilwoman

Chris DeSimone
Radio Host, Wake Up Tucson, 1030 KVOI

Garret Lewis
Radio Host, Tucson’s Most Stimulating Talk, KNST 790AM

Chris Kuknyo
Former Prescott City Councilman, Radio Show Host