Press Release

Representative Shawnna Bolick Releases “Roadmap to Restore Election Integrity”

Representative Shawnna Bolick of Arizona’s 20th Legislative District and candidate for Secretary of State just released a Roadmap to Restore Election Integrity outlining a robust agenda for securing Arizona’s elections. To date, she is joined by four of her colleagues in the Arizona legislature.


Representative Bolick has been setting the tone on election rules and integrity since her freshman year at the Capitol. “The integrity, security, and consistency of our elections,” said Bolick, “are not only vital to the continuation of our republic, but a rare quality that has contributed to our role as the world’s ‘shining city on a hill’ and beacon of freedom.”


Bolick and her co-signers believe that restoring Arizona’s election integrity is a group effort in which a united front is vital and all of our elected officials – from Secretary of State to County Records and Boards of Supervisors – have a role to play. The Roadmap details specific, concrete solutions to be implemented across all levels of state.


This plan comes as Leftist politicians threaten the filibuster to push through extreme legislation federalizing elections. “It’s vital Arizona retains our sovereignty over the election process,” said Bolick. “We have a responsibility to make updates and fixes to every part of our voting process, before, during, and after the election.”


Bolick summarized her landmark plan, saying the Roadmap “will increase the security of our elections and boost Arizonans’ confidence in voting. If we do not take bold and comprehensive action, the manipulation of our elections from the Left will continue and our voices will be silenced. As Arizona’s next chief election official, restoring election integrity and running fair elections is the centerpiece of my work and what I will offer as Secretary of State.”


To learn more about Representative Bolick’s Roadmap to Restore Election Integrity, click here.