Press Release

Shawnna Bolick Announces Campaign for Arizona Secretary of State



PHOENIX, ARIZ. – Representative Shawnna Bolick announced her campaign for Arizona Secretary of State with a call to “secure our elections and make the office work for all Arizonans again.”

“It’s time to secure our elections once and for all and de-politicize the office of Secretary of State,” said Shawnna Bolick. “51% of voters now believe cheating likely affected the outcome of the 2020 election. We must get to work immediately restoring trust and fixing the problems that, quite frankly, have been there for some time.”

“The Secretary of State is supposed to administer the papers and affairs of the state, work with businesses, and manage and certify elections. It requires hard work, focus, dedication, and a commitment to put responsibility ahead of personal or partisan preferences. But we have a failure of leadership that has led to rampant distrust in our elections. The real responsibilities of the job have been abandoned in favor of partisan posturing.”

Shawnna Bolick is a State Representative for Phoenix’s 20th Legislative District. She has been a leader on defending Arizona’s election integrity. As a representative, she has consistently voted to protect Arizonans’ personal freedoms from government infringement, advocated for policies to make Arizona more friendly to businesses, and been accessible to her constituents.

“It’s time for a Secretary of State who goes to work for you and does the job you sent them to do,” said Bolick. “You need to have confidence in your elections again. If you’re a business owner, the office should be open and accessible to you to get what you need to succeed. And you should be able to trust that the person one step away from the Governor’s office has the character and temperament to be trusted whatever comes.”

“I’m ready to do the job Arizonans deserve and restore confidence again in the Secretary of State. You can trust that I will check my political agenda – but not my principles – at the door.”

Shawnna Bolick is a wife, mother of two, and resides in North Phoenix.